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Pathways to Alignment


Exploring Needs and Values Become conscious of underlying needs so that core values snap into focus. This awareness provides a blueprint for making decisions. When we become aware of what motivates us, we can create energized, values-driven action plans.

Experiencing the Moment –  Connect  authenticity and life force before moving into action.   Whether we are facing daunting obstacles or cool opportunities, you are invited to experience the present moment. Honor the intuitive wisdom of your body, explore with your emotions, and embrace resistance. 


Expanding the View – When we hold limiting beliefs,  it is helpful to explore and embody a wide range of viewpoints. This playful approach helps release disempowering viewpoints and embrace new possibilities – and new ways of being.


Envisioning the Future – Discover new methods of visioning that help you awaken. Learn how to open new possibilities by engaging the right brain, visualizing, and creating a more compelling future.


Embracing the Shadow – Explore multiple parts of the psyche and embrace their positive intent. Working with your inner world inspires us to honor all of who we are—and connect to the deep reservoir of wisdom known as the Self.


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