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You can do this practice in front of your computer, or find a quiet uncluttered space to sit and practice in.

Notice your breath.  Don't change it, just observe it.

Allow yourself to be fully present.  Become aware of your posture. Are you slumped forward, in the ‘pose of the wilted flower?’  Straighten your spine and allow your heart to open.


Become aware of your breath,  the rising and falling of your breath. Soften towards yourself, and let the worries and fears of the day leave you.  

Now, start to count your breath internally, from one to ten. Each time you breathe out, give it a number - One. Two.  Three… see if you can make it all the way to ten, counting each out breath, and then begin again at one.


If you lose count, start over again, at one, gently bringing yourself back to the present.  


Don’t change your breath, just notice it,  count it, follow it… breathe.

Now close your eyes, and try this practice for as long as you wish.   

After you are centered, stop counting and just breathe.  In the spaciousness, observe what emerges.  Choose any, or all, of the questions below, to meditate on.

What is alive for you right now?

How is the climate crisis making you feel, today, right now?

Are you holding any of this in your body?

Release any tension, move your body, let it go for the moment...

What gives you hope?


When you are ready, move onto the next phase of the Metamorphosis Journey:  CRISIS



Sequence 02_21.gif
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