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“We’re all caterpillars right now, eating everything in sight.

I think we could morph into beautiful winged creatures.”

~ Michael Reynolds, Earthship Inventor, in Metamorphosis

How can we transform ... 

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"We can transition to a fossil fuel free economy, but still our relations could be kept the same. Still the levels of inequality and oppression could remain the same, 

still  our ways of earning a living could remain the same. 

Metamorphosis implies transformation and changing of the structures."

~ Filka Sekulova, from the Metamorphosis Interview

Metamorphosis features visionary solutions to the climate crisis.  No one solution will cover the vastness of the problem, but these ideas are intended to spark the imagination.  The solutions featured in the film highlight examples of key principles, such as decentralization, repurposing existing materials, freeing the planet from cycles of endless growth, breaking away from carbon intensive design, and finding ways to draw carbon out of the atmosphere.   Follow the links below to learn more and go deeper.  You can learn more about the people of Metamorphosis here.

Where are you on your personal journey of metamorphosis?


What would you like to change, by this time next year?


What is your next step?

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